Message from the WCS President

Welcome to an outstanding 2017-2018 season of singing with the Westchester Choral Society, celebrating our 76th concert season! Please encourage your friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers to attend our performances and to consider adding their voices to ours as members. A brief call to Numa Rousseve (914) 285–9026 is all it takes to arrange a "user-friendly" audition. If they are wavering about trying out, invite them to sit in on one of our rehearsals. Keep our flyers on hand to post wherever possible (stores, libraries, etc.) and distribute to anyone who shows the slightest interest. All of us, in addition to making exciting music, are representatives of the WCS and major enablers in keeping our group alive.

Over the years, you’ve brought in new individual and corporate support because of your keeping WCS close to your hearts and minds, promoting us whenever feasible, and we can look forward to even more fellowship and enjoyment this season from attending the events that we create to involve our members as well as our guests. Please share any ideas and links about outside support with the Board members so that we can pursue more sponsorship for our group. Connecting personally to donors makes all the difference in obtaining funds. If you might assist us with this form of Development, please let me know.

Don’t forget to mention to others the significance of our being given the prestigious Arts Organization Award from the Westchester Arts Council in 2000, a substantial honor for us to brag about to all of our social, work-related, and corporate contacts. It is a fact that the number of WCS members listed as donors to our Annual Fund is not only a great help financially but is also what outside funders look at when deciding on their gifts to non-profit groups. If you already give regularly (our fiscal year is from September through August), please consider increasing your commitment. To be able to perform at our high quality level is worth celebrating in this manner. We’re also eager to involve more members in WCS committees and activities, so please give the gift of your time. We need volunteers for administrative tasks and to support events. The mutual benefit resulting from working together even when not singing leads to a natural high.

Our exciting 76th season is here, with our performing glorious music together, thanks to Frank, David, and all of you.

–Numa Rousseve

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